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Another task was to design an Expo-pavilion for a country of choice. For this team work assignment, we selected Canada, with a focus on global warning. Using two different models we displayed the influence of global warming on a glacier and illustrated the disastrous consequences along a timeline. The Expo-visitor was encouraged to revisit the pavilion several times and check on the state of the glacier, which melts during the duration of the Expo. The goal was to inform the people about global warming by confronting them with the consequences. We hoped to change their minds and behaviour towards our environment.

Being aware that our pavilion consumes a lot of energy, we carefully considered the sustainability aspects. Within the context of global warming, the usage of solar-heat seems an appropriate choice to address the matter. The solar-fields will be located at some distance to the pavilion. Hot water pipes under the pavilion will allow to control and influence the melting process. Furthermore, during the opening hours, trained guides will take care that visitors are not endangered or hurt by off breaking pieces of ice. The melting process of the glacier is underlined through the typical noises one would hear on an ice-field. 


group work: Elisabeth Benning, Pia-Alin Demirayakli, Katharina Gross,

                Sandy Jochimsen, Veza Wollenhaupt

© Katharina Gross. All rights reserved

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