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One of the tasks of the third semester was to develop an exhibition concept to present graphic novels. The requirements set both a realisation date and a budget and included the development of a poster with a self developed slogan, a name for the exhibition and a guiding system. Also, Brunswiker Pavilion, the exhibition room, could not be changed irrevocably. Each of these tasks was done and presented separately.

My exhibition concept pursued several objectives. Obviously, I wanted to interest as many people as possible for the exhibition. Furthermore, the goal was to inform about graphic novels in general and, in the best case, get people to read them. Last but not least, the visitors should have the chance to  learn more about every novel portrayed. In order to integrate both the room “Brunswiker Pavilion” as well as the surrounding city environment, I choose footprints as the connecting element. From this I derived the concept name “Folgen Sie der Spur…. “ – “Follow the tracks…“ serving also as slogan on the posters and so on.

Besides the pavilion, I want to include the city itself in the concept. Posters and footprints will be placed on bus stops, train stations and other public areas all over the city. 

The expressive picture quotes already applied on the window panes will be used again, to recreate recognition and connection.  An additional element on the posters will be questions, quotes from the novels, directed directly to the viewer to attract attention.

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