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During the first term of my second year we worked in teams of two to explore the spatial aspects of graphic novels. In the beginning we focused on the narrative and the scenographic methods of display and construction of rooms in comics. Based on extensive analysis and after a sequence of steps we developed an exhibition about selected graphic novels in the Brunswik Pavilion of the Muthesius University. This exhibition aimed to translate the 2-dimension approach to space and architecture in the graphic novels into the 3-dimensional exhibition room, spacing it out. All exhibited objects were created from uniform carton boxes, no additional materials except paper was allowed. 

Me and my partner worked with the graphic novel „City of Glass“ by Paul Auster. In its form and appearance, our exhibition object quotes a city. As repetitive element we used a maze, which was implemented in typographic form, as a cut-out in cardboard and finally 3-dimensional. It was our aim to create a dialogue between the visitor and “City of Glass” by giving an overview over the novels content as well as recreating the novels predominate feeling of disarray and confusion through sensory overload.



City of Glas - Who is Who?

You or me? Or I?

Daniel Quinn.

A city - a maze. New York.

Up or Down? Close or Far?

Mistakes or Misunderstandings?

Reality or Fiction?

Again, again and again. 

End or Beginning?

Paul Auster - but that´s not my real name?


                                                   Elisabeth Benning

                                                                    Katharina Gross


group work: Elisabeth Benning, Katharina Gross

© Katharina Gross. All rights reserved

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