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In the fifth semester I designed a „center of information and communication“ for documenta 13 competition in Kassel. Focus of the design should be sustainability, athmosphere and harmonic integration into the city. The list of required rooms includes pure service areas like press-centre and catering area as well as special features like a three-dimensional guest book and an information area visualizing the history of documenta. 

I decided to integrate the centre into the alley area on the southern part of the Friedrichplatz, in order to conserve the open character of the place. In order to comply to the requirement of sustainable and variable temporary building, I choose bamboo as the main material.  

Due to its natural structure it fulfills the technical requirements and offers numerous artistic possibilities. The base element is an excentric arc, which, through deforming, offsetting and cutting offered numerous variations to create different rooms. When walking through them, the visitor gets the impression that the room around him is in a constant process of creation and disaggregation. This process cites the theme of documenta 13 “collapse and recovery”.

© Katharina Gross. All rights reserved

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