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In the second part of freshman year the assignment was to design a room and seating furniture in dialogue, to be used as an eye catcher on a fair. My general theme was called „Von der Rolle“, in english “of the bobbin”. 

The room develops itself out of one piece and splits into straps which create the interior and exterior of my object. My seating object picks up on this theme and also develops from the straps.

The final model of the room is out of hardened polyester. The  shape was moulded with a hot air blower. Several paper models, where I also worked with straps to create the sphere, helped me to develop the dynamic shape. 

The room is open and flooded with light. The interior contains a bar, toilets and seating opportunities where visitors can sit back and relax. 

The seating object was also developed from a paper model. In order to develop the dialogue between room and seat, I decided to create the seat also from one piece. The basic element was again a spheric strap, which in its final version picks up on the dynamic, open design and the amorphous shape of the room.



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