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We are living in a period of new urbanism and local diversity. People increasingly recognize the value of mixed culture and discover at the same time "the-do-it-yourself" mentality as a counterbalance towards busy office everyday life.

Often a city is noisy and chaotic. An urban garden offers peace, relaxation, nature and a meeting point with others. The motivation for urban gardening differ from healthy self-grown food till being part of a community. It also provides an answer to the question of what to do with left-over space. The garden will be organized from the community.

In Kiel, my chosen city for this project, the so called "Zwischen Garten" (the German word "zwischen" means in english inter.../intermediate) shall intervene in existing spatial and social relations. It shall offer the possibility to build a new community at a place that is open for everyone. The shared gardening experience shall overcome spatial and psychological barriers. Self-organized cultural events, collective cooking and cultural exchange should build a new city community.

A converted circus trailer will be a central meeting point. It contains a kitchen, storage space, supply rooms and toilets. The pop up terrasse can serve as a stage. The back of the trailer will be used as exhibition wall where local artists can show their work. During the night three translucent glass fibre reinforced plastic panel will be alight and attract passers-by attention.

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