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‘Waxploration’ thoughtfully interprets the meaning of home and the relationships between furniture and emotional spaces. People connect cherished memories, a special atmosphere and tradition with their feeling of belonging.  The different ways we interpret these key words and the emotive power they hold, inspired the use of wax and informed the methodology. Challenging the use of traditional furniture materials to capture these moments Katarina adapted the process of candle making and wax as a raw material. 


Changing from solid to liquid and back, wax captures and freezes movements in time and with them memories of special moments at home, whilst offering a unique approach to designing and making furniture.  The intimate and welcoming characteristics of candlelight are reflected in the exclusive range of domestic tables, where special lighting features further foster this concept of warmly intimate elegance.


The collection continues to develop designs based on the special characteristics of the unique wax recipe, pushing the boundaries of its materiality.  Translating the knowledge of wax’s particular characteristics of translucency and appealing tactility into other materials reinterpreted for the domestic landscape of the home. Corian extends this language by building on the particular characteristics identified through the exploration of wax and translating them into an alternative high quality solid surface material.


© Katharina Gross. All rights reserved

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