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Based on Wim Wenders film „Paris, Texas“ our fourth semester task was, to create a script of a theatre play and a matching stage setting. Our script continues the plot 15 years later. Since the story is to complex to be shortened to a few lines I have attached the complete text of our draft “Paris, Texas – reference points”. 


The stage is composed of five elements. Four free shapes, the so called memory stages, are grouped clockwise around the square main stage in the middle. All free shapes are based on the same base shape and each of them are illuminated in a different colour.

The length reflects the time passed and the concrete shape is derived from the different persons experiences. The longer the events have passed, the harder it is for the characters to remember. It needs overcoming, symbolized by hurdles, gaps or slopes.



group work: Kaja Becker, Elisabeth Benning, Katharina Gross, Sandra Menden

© Katharina Gross. All rights reserved

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